The Vajrasattva Grand Puja 2014


Vajrasattva is Vajradhara, the primordial Buddha and principal Buddha of the five Buddha families. The manifest appearance is Vajrasattva but there is actually no specific separate being called Vajrasattva. Dorje Sempa means vajra mind. This is the same as Vajradhara, Dorje Chang in Tibetan, which means vajra heart. Vajrasattva’s aspiration was that all sentient beings would cleanse their negative karma through his practice and so instead of having a vajra heart like Vajradhara, he manifested as a deity holding the vajra in order to help us visualize during our practice.


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Naga Puja – Releasing of Life 2014

Releasing of life refers to the practice of saving beings facing imminent death. Although the Buddha did not directly teach the practice, it is a natural expression of the Buddhist tenets of benevolence and protection for all forms of life. Indeed, the first of the ten negative actions to be avoided by a Buddhist is not to intentionally take the life of any being, human or otherwise. Furthermore, the Samannaphala Sutra exalts a monk as “one who has cast aside cudgel and sword and is repelled by violence. He is moved by mercy and, living compassionately, is kind to all creatures that have life.”


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