Nga Gyur Shed Dup Charity Foundation 2008

The golden colour of the rising sun gradually dyes the eastern sky and gracefully turns into crimson red by the splendid rosy clouds at the peak of the Anze Village Mountain. The clear and bright bursts of laughter of the children could be heard from the Nga Gyur Shed Dup Children’s Home that situated at this vast snowy plateau.

NSCH-2008_2Under the guidance of 2 teachers, the 64 male children between 6 to 17 years of age are starting a new milestone of their lives. Dressed in new navy blue clothing, they are queuing orderly to enter the classroom. 3 long tables are placed in a rectangular-shaped classroom with warm cushions scatted on the floor. The classroom is decorated in a simple but fancy way, multi-coloured artificial flowers are hanging on the top of the room as if to comfort the children that even the winter goes longer, it will not impede the flowers from blossoming. Some Tibetan Buddhist traditional Thangkas are hanged on the walls, prompting the children not to forget Buddhas’ and Boddhisattvas’ teachings on compassion and wisdom. The walls of the traditional dull classroom are filled with brightly coloured wallpaper for the children to gain youthful energy. The autumn sun casts its soft rays of lights to the earth and through the wavering clinging curtains; they turn into a gentle and swaying halo.

NSCH-2008_1The entire building complex of the Children’s Home was designed in a quadrangle with courtyard. The main entrance of the Children’s Home where it opens and illuminates the children paths is located at the south of the building complex. The courtyard located in the middle of the school’s compound is to cater for after school activities.

The west section of the Children’s’ Home is a long wall with a small side door leading to the main kitchen and the firewood storage area. Both the children and teachers’ rooms are situated at the north side of the school. There are 18 rooms in total, located side-by-side and each rooms can accommodates up to 4 children. These children’s rooms have dual-function where it is use as their bedroom and also a small kitchen. The small kitchen is used to cook simple food to curb hunger and is also used for winter heating.

At the east section where the classrooms are located, the children are engaged in learning steadfastly. Although the classrooms are not spacious, it is their small universe to help them to establish their self-confidence and to cultivate proactive attitude.

The exterior walls of the children’s room and the classrooms are painted in maroon, while the doors are painted with a picture of the 7-coloured wheel representing a dynamic and active aura, in hope that they have no fear when encountering adversity and difficulties.