Nga Gyur Shed Dup Charity Foundation 2009

We understand that education is one type of social activity that imparting knowledge, cultivating talent and to shape integrity. It is also the primary channel that the mankind’s culture can be passed on to next generation. School is the specialized educational agency that actualizes these education objectives. Indeed, Nga Gyur Shed Dup Children Home has become the homeland for these children to live, to learn and to grow.

NSCH-2009-1In view of the challenges on shortage of teachers in the school, the present two teachers are not only their academic tutor, but also their living teachers that cultivate the children’s everyday life and cultural education where they will teach the kids to read and learn including some living and technical skill, so that the children are able to earn their own living in the future, and therefore, contribute to the society. The school uses Tibetan language as the medium for teaching while dharma text becomes the basic textbook for learning, writing, pronunciation and so forth. The syllabus includes Humanities, history, Buddhism and others. The modules will assist them to develop their wisdom and cultivate their spirit of teamwork.

The class starts from 7 o’clock in the morning until 7 o’clock in the evening, from Monday to Saturday. There is 2 resting sessions. On every Sunday, the two teachers will bring the children to the village where they will help the residents to perform social welfare. We encourage the children to study hard and at the same time to know the gratefulness and continuously to inherit this loving kindness to others.

The meals include butter tea, zangba, small side dishes, noodles, porridge, fries vegetable and meats. The current expenditure cost includes food, teachers’ remuneration, education fees, clothing, articles for daily use, medical and etc. The fund collected through the activities organised by Nga Gyur Shed Dup Charity Foundation every year such as Jangchok Puja event, children sponsorship program and donation are used to finance the expenditure of the Children’s Home.

During the bitter cold season, the hour for daylight is shorter. Therefore, the duration in receiving the emission of the sunlight is less. In order for the children to have a lighted environment for their daily classes, we had used the funds collected to install solar panels to create lights for their classes in early autumn of 2009. With the lighted environment, the children can continuously pursue their study without any obstruction.

With the aim of fulfilling their strong desire of learning where the current syllabus are in Tibetan language, we hope that in the future we are able to include subjects such as Chinese, English, Mathematics & Science, Geography and others. We also hope to take in female children, so that they too can receive the same opportunity to study. Due to the conditional restraints such as funding, human resources, geographical environment, age differences etc., all these future plans have to follow in prescribed priority order, and be carried out progressively to attain the targeted plan.

Lastly, we hope that all of you will actively participate in our charity activities in helping these less fortunate children. Together, let us become more compassion with loving kindness.