Nga Gyur Shed Dup Charity Foundation 2010

The sun shines upon the majestic mountains from a far, as if draping in a golden-coloured semblance, making it exceptionally beautiful. During the early summer, all kinds of wild flowers blossom everywhere; white, purple, and yellow, like the splendid speckles embroidered on a greenish gigantic carpet. During summer, this snow-covered plateau welcomes the guests from all directions with its azure sky.

NSCH-2011In the year 2010, we conducted the first visitation to the school together with our care and merriment to the children. We brought along the donated winter clothings, stationeries and other supplies to Nga Gyur Shed Dup Children Home. The delightful faces of the children had deeply gratified us.

The classroom seem more dynamic and energetic during summer where the sound of the children reading aloud is just like a beautiful ballad. During the course of teaching and learning, the teachers play a very important role where they will have a great impact on the children’s mindset. Within the first two years, together with the teachers’ patience and integrity as well as the children studious attitude, they are able to master most of the Tibetan syllables words. Listening to reading sound of the young and tender children, it has strengthened our belief to further help them to realize their dreams.

We are truly blessed that in addition to their excellent performance in studies, they are treating all their friends like brothers, mutually taking care and loving each other. They happily share the responsibilites in maintaining the Home where the older ones are responsible for cooking and chopping the firewood whereas the younger ones are responsible for tea and keeping the tables clean.

Before leaving, the visiting group played happily with the children on the mountain behind the children’s home. We can see that under the bright sun, the children are even more joyful and energitic. Nga Gyur Shed Dup Children Home is indeed a beautiful campus and a warm decent homes for the children. We are grateful to the teachers, not only they educate the children, but also their meticulous care.

This visitation has shown us the gratifying side of the children. We discovered that the children is facing problem in getting water for their daily needs. Whenever the children need water for cooking, they have to use a ladle to scoop the water from a shallow and narrow creek. This matter would be one of the priority items in our future plan and to be improved in the near future. The implementation of water pump will not only benefits the children, it also bring advantages to the villagers as well.

For the year 2010 and in order to actualize our plan for the Home, we have started preparing for the female children home so that our love will pass on unbrokenly, because when we always love others, we will be loved constantly too.