Nga Gyur Shed Dup Charity Foundation 2011

Winter’s here, so was the extreme coldness. And it brought gorgeous dances of snow like flurry goose feather. Sky and the earth blended into one with the widest spectrum one could ever imagine. White winter it surely was. Beautiful as people see the winter is; what we felt though was the hardship it bestowed us: Those who had weak body tended to develop frostbites on hands, legs, ears and etc. They can be swollen and painful. A few children developed ulcers.

In summer 2011, we hired a teacher of Chinese language in order for the children to learn languages other than Tibetan language. The children were able to learn to recognize, write and speak in Mandarin Chinese. Unfortunately, the teacher had resorted to resign and left for lower ground, amid good progress from the children, because of intolerance to thin air and extreme cold of the winter. We thanked the teacher and we didn’t give up; we were continuously looking for teachers for the children.

Autumn came the establishment of Nga Gyur Shed Dup Girls’ School! An immense thanks to philanthropic loves from the public, these girls found a place they could call home, staying away from hunger and extreme cold in the wilderness. At the same time, they were able to get equal chance of proper education. The school is located 100 meters to the south of the Children’s Home (The boys’ school). The whole setup follows that of boys’ school but of one quarter of the original size. It started operating in autumn, taking care of 10 girls aging from 6 to 12 years old. A lady teacher is in charge of their studies, as well as taking care of them like a mother. It’s smaller in size yet all infrastructures are the same and as complete as the boys’ school’s.

The year 2011 indeed was an exciting year! Not only were we able to finally set up the girls’ school, the boys’ school itself was awarded The Best School award in the area of Changta (This area comprises 4 villages: Anze Village, Acha Village, Natha Village and Mahrong Village). We see and feel with our own eyes and hearts that teachers work selflessly and children were hardworking through the thick and cold blizzard of snow. Always keeping themselves high-spirited attending the school and learning good knowledge, these are factors of this honorable winning. In order to be awarded the best school status, these criteria are taken into consideration: The environment, students’ attitude, educational system and the students’ results. Three years into the running and the result was very fruitful and won a high recognition! Its certainly astonishing work! We can’t thank all of you enough!

Our teachers not only care about the academic aspects of the children, they also care about their lives, and become their good friends. We believe if there is no love, there will be no education. With love, teachers stretch their boundary of patience and conquer the hardest obstacles ever. With love comes the great motivation within children and thus the strong bond in between them. With love, children develop strong bonds and admiration toward teachers and this helps in children picking up good and righteous knowledge. These children, boys or girls alike, have had emotional scars in their upbringings; we hope, with strong and faithful bonds with the teachers, they are able to slowly and steadily stand on their own feet and be confident and kind in life.