Nga Gyur Shed Dup Charity Foundation 2012

During spring, we built a simple but practical automatic diversion pipeline to divert the water into a mini-reservoir where it will eliminate the need for the children and villagers to scoop the water from the flowing stream. Although the water-drawing problem was resolved, we still encounter the plight of water being frozen during the winter season. During winter season, there is a serious shortage of water supply as the water is frozen. The children and villagers can only melt the ice to get water. Due to the special geographical location and climate, the anti-freezing measures for the winter season have never improved and this has become our primary objective to solve.

NSCH-2012-1The temperature during summer is cooling and pleasant. The flowers blooms in thousands and the green meadow is so inviting to sleep on. Looking a far, the flowers cover the mountains and plains, making the open space of this snow-covered plateau very colorful.

In the midsummer, we conducted the second visitation to the children home.  This time, we use the donations to buy drugs such as fever and cold medicines, including winter clothing, stationery and other supplies for the children.

For the first time, ten little girls are spending their summer season in the new female children’s home. They are no longer suffering from starvation and had started attending school. We firmly believe that education can ensure everyone to have a better life including building a better world. Every child should be entitled to basic education and yet, with the conservative thinking, poverty and inadequate educational facilities have caused more obstacles for the girls in attending school. We believed that if the female children are provided with proper education, it will bring greater benefits for the next generation. The educated children will eventually become mothers; where they will be more efficient in housekeeping, able to protect themselves and their children as well as getting better work offered.

NSCH-2012-2The Nga Gyur Shed Dup Children Home has been long hoping to accept more female children. Nonetheless we must go beyond the constraints within the existing capacity in order to achieve this goal. But we strongly believe that our world is filled with love; our female children’s home is the most beautiful spark of flame and this flame will continue to spread and illuminate the children’s paths of lives.

In order to give the children the opportunity to continue learning Chinese, we have a new approach where we will employ Chinese teachers on short term basis. Generally, those teachers that come from the Mainland are not able to adapt to the high altitude environment and climate. The new approach is to encourage the teachers to teach only for about one to two months. This will help them to reduce their pressure in adapting to the new environment. Meanwhile, we also welcome suitable and voluntary people to participate in this extraordinary meaningful job as teacher in the children home.