Nga Gyur Shed Dup Charity Foundation 2013

Without realizing how time flies, the Nga Gyur Shed Dup Children’s Home has been established for five years. It transformed from a widely open space into a school that full of vibrancy. Maroon-colored-painted wall, surrounded by different kind of flowers and grasses have made up an absolutely beautiful scenery.

NSCH-2013-1This year, we will focus on teaching the children to work while studying. Starting from the basic education, the teachers have also taught the children on manual skills so that in the near future the children will be able to live independently and free from suffering and starvation. We hope that in addition to the funds raised to pay for the yearly expenditures, the balances will also be used to purchase a few sewing machines, tool and increase more related academic textbooks of skills.

With the children determination in learning new skills, the Nga Gyur Shed Dup Children’s Home was once again re-elected as the “Best School” of the entire Changta County.  We know that this is the outcome of the persistency of both the teachers and children. The most valuable in turn is kind-hearted people from afar, never abandon them even they are of different nationalities, races, identities and skin colors. Your soil of love has made them grow strongly. Hence, this honor shall belong to you of all.

NSCH-2013-2After five years of basic education, all the children that have reached the suitable age and had passed the graduation examination, will leave their alma mater and step into the society where they will begins a new journey of life. We will guide the children that had decided to become ordinary monks to specialize in Buddhism studies where they can study at the Larung School of Buddhism. For those who had decided to go to the city to make a living and to broaden their horizons, we will arrange for them to work in a factory located at Dongguan. The children that intend to remain in school will take care the younger children and this will reduce the burden on teachers. Regardless the children’s decisions, we will always support their decision and sincerely wish them well. We also hope that no matter where they live, they will not forget to pass on the loving kindness and to continue in contributing to the society. Their laughter will always be deeply imprinted in our mind.

The development of the Nga Gyur Shed Dup Children’s Home is a successful project. However, we should not be satisfied with the progress but treat this as a starting point where we will continue to extend our helping hands in education, healthcare, and to relieve the elderly and orphans that staying at the poverty level. Only by gathering all the strengths, an arduous long-term career like this can be attained successfully, so that more disadvantaged people will possess more immense loving care.

We care, not about the amount in the donations, but how much love have been integrated into the process of contribution, and whether this habitual generosity can be developed and preserved throughout the one’s lifetime, while ready to take this edge as cultivating the intention that all the sentient beings to attain the ultimate happiness.

If monetary capacities are limited, we can always offer our assistance by showing a smile, taking to the elderly, helping the disabled and being sincere volunteers in the Puja.

We believe that with the loving-kindness heart in each of us, our world will become more peaceful and beautiful. At last, may the Nga Gyur Shed Dup Children’s Home blossoms beautifully more and more under the bright sun of love, and achieve a brilliant tomorrow.